Microtonal Wave / Port Żerań

large-scale sgraffito works, a series of murals on staircases and a sculpture in public space

The artistic arrangement of a housing estate in Warsaw designed by visual artist Ewa Doroszenko consists of large-format sgraffito works on the buildings walls, murals in the staircases and sculpture in the public space. Ewa Doroszenko’s artistic design makes direct correspond to the nearby Vistula River. The painting and sgraffito works refer to the surface of the water, Warsaw legends about the Vistula River and the Warsaw Mermaid. They decorate building facades and the walls of internal common spaces. The sculpture untitled “Microtonal Wave” is inspired by the soundscape of the Vistula River area. The form of the sculpture refers to the way an invisible sound wave spreads and the analogous appearance of circles on water.

The artworks were commissioned by Dom Development and Propaganda. Art branding strategy by Jacek Sosnowski, photos by Zuza Głód, Ada Zielińska, Jacek Doroszenko.